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Newborn Screening Ontario
Hearing Loss Risk Factor Screening

Request Screening Results

Risk factor screening results for permanent hearing loss (PHL) are routinely sent to the Infant Hearing Program (IHP) in a baby’s region. Newborn Screening Ontario can send results to a baby’s health care provider upon request.

Please fill out the form below if you would like to request a baby’s risk factor screening results for PHL, and return it to us by mail or fax (contact information included on the form). Alternatively, you can make a request for results by calling us at 613-738-3222. 

Results Request Form

Parents/guardians are informed of a baby’s hearing screening results at the time it is performed. Please contact the Infant Hearing Program in your region for more information about a baby’s results.

If you are a health care provider and you would like to request interpretation of risk factor screening reuslts and additional testing for a child with Permanent Hearing Loss, please visit our Forms page.