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Newborn Screening Ontario
Health Care Providers

Submitter Bulletins

We send periodic bulletins to submitters to keep them updated on screening and practices. If you are a health care provider and would like to subscribe to our e-mail distribution list or are looking to access older bulletin archives, please contact us.

2015-11 December, 2015 Holiday Tips and Reminders
2015-10 October, 2015 New: Saturday Reporting
2015-9 September, 2015 Happy Newborn Screening Awareness Month!
2015-8 August, 2015 Improvement in Transit Times
2015-7 August, 2015 Cards Expiring and Labour Day Reminder
2015-6 June, 2015 Canada Day Reminders
2015-5 June, 2015 Phone Calls from NSO
2015-4 May, 2015 Newborn Screening Videos
2015-3 March, 2015 Easter Weekend
2015-2 March, 2015 Gestational Age & Expiring Cards
2015-1 February, 2015 Newborn Screening Manual update & Newborn Screening Poster
2014-16 December, 2014 Holiday Information