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Newborn Screening Ontario
Health Care Providers

Screening Resources

Screening Tools

The following tools will help you perform pulse oximetry screening, evaluate its results and initiate the appropriate follow-up. 

Title  Description
Screening Algorithm

A flow chart representation of the screening algorithm

Screening Evaluation Chart AND Screening Evaluation Chart Greyscale A tool for evaluating pulse oximetry results
CCHD Decision Pathway A flow chart to assist with the  decision making for CCHD screening evaluation
Screen Positive - Now What?

A flow diagram with the recommended management of screen positive results

Diagnostic Evaluation Report Form (DERF) Completion Guide

An outline of the required information collected from submitters after a screen positive result is obtained

Diagnostic Evaluation Report Form (DERF)  
CCHD Fact sheet

A CCHD Fact sheet for Health Care Providers


Training Materials

We encourage you to use the following resources to train staff involved with Critical Congential Heart Disease (CCHD) screening. 


Title Description
CCHD e-Learning Module

Interactive learning  module about CCHD, screening practices and evaluation of results for first time learners

CCHD Recertification eLearning Module

Interactive learning module about CCHD pulse oximetry screening, for RECERTIFICATION Purposes

CCHD Training Presentation

PDF slides for training, including rationale for screening, best practice guidelines, evaluation, and practice exercises

Script for CCHD Training Presentation

Talking points to assist in delivering the above training presentation

Screening Evaluation Practice Sheet

List of scenarios to practice evaluation of the CCHD screen

CCHD Pulse Oximetry Training Quiz AND Master Copy

Quiz to accompany the CCHD training presentation

Suggested Competency Checklist

Suggested method to evaluate staff CCHD pulse ox screening competency

Crossword Puzzle AND Answer Key

A resource to enhance familiarity with screening and terminology

Photo Guide for Probe Application

Photo guide for pulse oximetry probe placement

Card Completion Document

Quick reference to completing the CCHD page of the newborn screening card

CCHD Documentation and Follow-up Presentation

PDF slides for documentation and follow-up of CCHD screening results


Other resources

Title Description
Carter's CCHD Screen A video showing a pulse oximetry screen for CCHD
CCS Statement Canadian Cardiovascular Society's Position Statement on CCHD Screening
Canadian Paediatric Society  CCHD Pulse Oximetry Screening Position Statement CPS Position statement on CCHD Pulse Oximetry screening
NSO CCHD Screening Recorded Webinar Archived webinar detailing CCHD screening and result evaluation
Physician Bulletin

A physician to physician letter