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Newborn Screening Ontario
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NSO will provide some support for the replacement of consumables used for CCHD screening, specifically for sensors and wraps. 

For every pulse oximeter that NSO allocated, we can provide one replacement sensor (reusable), along with a supply of wraps, at no charge. Hospitals and midwifery practices will be able to take advantage of this support once per fiscal year (April-March). We ask that you place one order for the entire year. Most midwifery practice groups have indicated that they would prefer reusable sensors however, both disposable and reusable options will be available.

Hospital Replenishment Equipment Information

Midwifery Practice Equipment Replenishment Information

NSO pulse oximeter requirements: A list of NSO requirements for pulse oximeters to use for CCHD screening

NSO Position Statement on CCHD Software

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